Why Android Development is The Best Among The Rest

The original decade of the new millennium brought in along with a technological revolution which has never been expected in the bygone era. A trivial contraption like mobile phone has taken the gargantuan avatar of smart phone. The software development along with machine has matured up to produce much complex and intricate form. Smart phone operating system platforms has come into existence in variable categories such as Apple IOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows and last but not the least, the Android. With all the different platforms the Android application has stood out with the platform crowd, for several reasons.

The Android development essentially involves the creation of new application for your Android Operating system. With every passing minute the development of Android applications is progressing by extreme measures. More than 200, 000 Android applications have developed till date, the circumstances Android device internationally more user friendly and feature centric. The Android platform is continually developing from one stage to another giving the platform an adaptable feel to provide in household actively works to intricate business means.

The Android platform has been the brainchild of Google which in the later times has initiated the Open Handset Alliance. By 2010, the android platform has surpassed any other working platforms in its fields.

The significance of your applications are elucidated in the following lines.-

User Interface

The primary reason the platform is superior to any other platforms is due to outstanding user cp. Android 4.0 or specifically Ice Cream sandwich has given a boost to the user interface by its innovativeness and magnificence. The navigation system has a little more fluid and the display more robust using the introduction of multiple virtual buttons.

Internet speed

The major shortcoming of the other sets of operating platform is the complex algorithm embedded in it. The complex algorithm helps in slowing down the pace of the internet. Android boasts of an application called visual book mark, which helps in speeding up the interchange of information more smoothly than any other platform in existence.

Firm ware

In most cases the firm ware of most from the platform is very rigid. The Android firmware is much flexible where updates can be easily installed and tweaked to add more applications at will probably.

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Another benefit what Android takes prides in is the interchangeability and use of multiple screen key boards. Most of the other platforms won’t be an individual this privilege.

Speed of the processor

One of the boon in disguise is the Android Platform cannot be run by low end processors. The android applications are much smarter compared special of the other existing platform as a result of dual core processing system.

Multi Tasking Device

It is a delight for your user, considering that Android is really a multi performing platform. The application provides every key API at a sole go. User can simultaneously access the internet telephony, involve in data sharing, device synchronisation as well as providing notification. All these features are absent in other platforms.

Application flood

Finally, due to the open ended nature of the application platform, the Android apps existing in today’s current scenario reach nearly half a million. Such amount is preposterous for any other platforms due to your complexity of the architecture. There exists a huge fan following with the apps assist it to succeed more.

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