Modern Manufacturing Services Engineering Machinery Seminar Success

HC Engineering Machinery Network Guangzhou, China’s largest trade trading assembly, the China-ASEAN complimentary trade platform. In previous years, the rising name of its manufacturing industry, with Fair and a lot of resources, to distribute fairly mechanical Parts Mainly climbing SMEs, in particular some sort of matching parts of producing machinery enterprises in Guangzhou, Zhongshan Avenue, the warehousing zone is very challenging form. However, Guangzhou, tips on how to break the bottleneck for this development on this basis, further improve the over all development of its customer prices strength, become a sweltering topic. April 12, 2010, organized by the Dish Machinery Industry Federation’s “Modern manufacturing services, engineering systems Seminar” held in Guangzhou the same time, “Huangpu professional engineering machinery as basic spare parts market” will be completed as a result of opening time for Guangzhou machinery manufacturing industry a vital role in promoting.

Industry leadership development opportunity seekers of construction machinery Those meeting attracted a plethora of authoritative industry leaders up to attend, are: China Equipment Industry Federation Special Planning software to the Autonomous, Enclosed Ministry of Industry additionally Director of the Dividing to promote Xiaopeng, Kathmandu Construction Machinery Association, Chi Jun, China Bearing World Association Honorary President Zhang flatter all, the Truly Association fluid sealing arena Bossen Changsha, China Generalized Machine Components Industry Group Liuyuan Jie, vice ceo of China Internal Burning Engine Association, Xing Min, and other leaders joined in the fun the meeting and spoken. The participants also in Guangdong Machinery Industry Association, Xi Zhiwei, Chen Ruiwen Chamber of Commerce Guangzhou professional markets. Your meeting, participants site researching and foundation engineering machines parts Whampoa professional area construction sites.

This meeting to conduct your and implement the Than Plenary Session of the type of party’s 17 spirit involved with study and practice currently the scientific concept of development, conscientiously implement the Mention Council’s “accelerate the impending services on a quantity of opinions”, to promote shift and upgrading of system industry, promote scientific designing and speed up the creation of modern manufacturing services, to advertise the China Construction Device Industry development of existing day day manufacturing services background, coupled with construction of the “Whampoa engineering machinery and basic components professional market” project, on how to advance modern manufacturing service business world machinery extensive discussions.

Present, Heavy Machinery is at a new historically unprecedented period behind rapid development, a total number of important product result largest in the world, has become the international engineering machinery manufacturing network. But there are steady irrational industrial structure, “big but not strong,” currently the principal contradiction, especially when compared with their alternatives in industrialized countries, those development of modern developing service slow, has restrictive the manufacturing of manufacturing machinery in China to assist you speed up industrial restructuring, change the main problems of economic growth. All of us need to accelerate i would say the development of modern production and services as some sort of adjustment of industrial structure, change the mode relating to economic growth and increase the overall quality because of construction machinery industry regarding achieve a comprehensive, synchronised and sustainable development while in an important way.