Military Cupid Review Is it a Scam or is it Legit?

I have often heard that women love guys in uniform. However, to be a guy in uniform, I find challenging to believe so. I have been deployed several times, and finding anything long-lasting can be pretty tough.

Yeah, it’s in order to get flings. Those can happen anywhere and anytime. Best approach most girls aren’t down to date an army guy – not to blame them. I had already tried some military dating sites like and but didn’t use either industry experts for longer than 2 months.

So when I realized about Military Cupid I figured I wasn’t too inquiring. My buddy George who served with me was telling me about it however just thought it might be another military dating site. However, he offered to pay for my first month and so I made the choice to give it a shot.

In this MilitaryCupid Review I discuss my own personal thoughts and experiences. Mileage may vary!

militarycupid scam or legit?

Military CoupleLike most dating sites sign on is free, but military cupid actually doesnt let you use a lot on the features in vehicles version. For example, you can search and get matches, but you be forced to actually direct matches.

So it’s technically free, but not fully functional.I would say don’t upgrade until you a few matches so you can also make the most of one’s membership. MilitaryCupid offers a couple of different membership types. However, if you get yourself a membership just select the lowest paid membership, the gold package.

The platinum isn’t worth it if you really want a golf dvd profile (not worth it IMO) so think before wasting your personal savings.After you get some matches you’ll probably have to aquire a membership to help you actually talk onto your matches. I’ve decided this section into those looking for

1) Casual Relationships

2) Everlasting Relationships.

1. Searching for Hookups/Flings/Casual Relationship

For a paid package just choose the 1 four weeks. It’s more expensive per month in comparison with other packages but that you have to take it to a screening test drive for commitment (after all commitment isn’t just what you are after anyway).
It may be hard finding something within 1 month based on where are generally located. Kinds to choose from of members all the particular place consequently can take longer than per month to meet up.

After information month is going to be able to strike gold then To obtain the 6 or 12 months since they are a lot cheaper thirty day period than the 1 or 3 options.

However, an individual haven’t had much success yet obtain a 3 month package before continuing several longer give. You want to make sure you can at least get some first getting a 6 month/ year deal

The longer packages require an unexpectedly payment, but it easily pays itself if you apply it consistently (FYI: George always used just for casual hookups along with gotten the 1 year membership twice now.

2. Looking for a Serious, Foreseeable future Relationship

Military WeddingFor the first payment just pay for 3 month package before committing to longer solutions. Larger packages are cheaper per month, a person want to at least test it before committing.For most dating sites I recommend the thirty days for starting out, but for Military Cupid its better to do 3.

This happens because a regarding the people you’ll meet are international or not in location and meeting them within the first month isn’t always possible.It often takes longer than 1 month to match and start a better relationship with them before eventually meeting up.

3 months is a good amount of to be able to actually plan to trying it out and may be the minimum package to really see earnings.After that, the packages I recommend depends exactly what you’re in search of.

It may take longer than 1 month to match and build a better reference to them before eventually meeting up. a couple of months is regular of time actually plan on trying it all out and could be the minimum package to really see results.

After the initial payment it is advisable to keep getting the 3 months package (6 is okay too). Frustration to decide to anything longer because if you get in a relationship you’ll essentially stop using it.

I made the mistake of finding money a full year after web site month. Within 4 months I was exclusively “dating” ( we hadn’t met up yet but we talked on skype a lot) and ended up being from a relationship the woman’s for two years. That means I wasted 8 months of my membership. This is the reason I recommend 3 months, but weeks might also be fine.