India bats for Pacifism

India bats for pacifism

Emaad Muzaffer

Student Manav Rachna

The semi final of India vs. Pakistan Cricket has changed many things suddenly. It has been a saying that a moment of joy and happiness can sometimes change the rivals between people or things. Whosoever has said this I think could be the correct one. My dear readers, you would have precariously thought of whom and what I am talking about.

The Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh has started batting for that peace by giving lots of sixes and fours. It boils down to inviting the Pakistan Prime minister Dr.Yusuf Raza Geelani to come to India and watch the Semi final India v. Pakistan Match.

We have noted that the Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh has always been a peace maker when a peace lover, the entire country at the moment has different thoughts, views and actions. The previously referred to terms thoughts, views and actions are having different parts and modes. The people of India this time are hoping a lot instead of commenting.

After 26/11 this is the first time when India Pak talks are in order to be held in India. Remembering the past which I’ve read that the then late president of Pakistan Zia ul Haq who at the time of war was here in India watching match along with the bullets were getting fired upon at the border, he immediately at that time withdrew the war and also the firing was stopped.

By the grace of God and the peace lovers of the both countries this time everything is not getting solved by Guns and the bullets but actually the tables and the chairs. Globe debate we the People on Ndtv hosted by Barkha Dutt one belonging to the eminent journalist the outcome which I personally examined was that the individuals are having many hopes from Pakistan this time. Because after noticing the comments of people showed this specific time they are possessing the same thinking of terrorism.

After 26/11 having such thinking shows the patience along with the hope of the calm people in India. A match solving anything is actually generally complicated one will set an example for the whole world and unity will be restored.

The reply back of Pakistan on invitation by Indian Prime Minister has also come like a flying bird suggests the bird freely moves in nature and nature is peace. Zardari has released the Indian prisoner Gopal Das which was not hoped by Das family. One thinking which people aren’t thinking off from now is that who will win the match because people are seriously linked to peace now no other.

IPL 2018 of the project is the meeting of the two Home Secy’s which has brought some things and topics out publicly;

a) 26/11 will be the main core portion of the talks

b) Black money problem will be discussed

c) Fisherman which are as prisoners in Pakistan jails will be considered

Some problems that could arise for federal government of India pursuing the talks can become BJP reactions. Mainly because have been negative in their sayings and comments they have found that make a big issue for the government alleging that the optimim Minister Manmohan Singh attempted to increase his image by inviting the Pakistan leaders for the match subsequently changing the mind people today who from cash vote scam or some other scam that has put the country on fire through mouths.

Meanwhile it is reported that The Governor of Punjab Chandigarh Shiviraj Patel will host an evening meal for the Prime minister Geelani and many other VIPs’ are reportedly to show their presence at the match being Rahul Gandhi leader of Congress, Bollywood Actor Amir Khan as well high dignitaries.

But we should not forget that “we have put far more up to join and they moreover joined, this line between one blood, one sky 1 soil must end now with peace promises.