Bird Toys – They Cannot Fly Away

Wooden bird toys are big business today. There can be a wide variety for in which choose from to assist in keeping your pets occupied. The added advantage of this is always by chipping away at the wood, the birds keep their beaks clean and trimmed.

There are several variety of these toys in various colors. From squid shapes hanging toys that are multi colored made for parrots to corn cob shaped toys that most birds find irresistible. The one’s that my birds’ loves always be the rope toys. They get to perch on the rope and gnaw away at the different blocks that manufactured into the ladder. So far my birds have stopped when the blocks have fallen off. The ropes are still intact. Maybe the reason is actually the rope is simply soft or they do know that the rope is what is holding up how much they weigh. But waldorf musical instruments do notice when I replace the old one with model new rope with blocks. That is when they start to gnaw in the blocks again.

The funniest in order to watch my birds play with is the triangle teasers. This has different shaped blocks that are on the string that hangs down. As they attempt to gnaw at the block, it spins besides. I love to watch them chase the blocks around. Feel they are having fun. They might you getting frustrated but the sounds they make cause me to laugh. After a period they stop chasing it and take it easy. This toy helps to exercise the birds along with keeping their beaks rinse.

If you are planning about a wooden toy for your birds make sure you pick one for the size birds you get. This does make a positive change. Some of the smaller birds are intimidated by the larger toys and will not play with these. But wooded bird toys will bring as well as your birds hours of fun and entertainment.